Welcome to Starah.

I began this in 2015, where I choose a random topic to write about in a
blog-style format. Writing for me facilitates a cerebral experience, leading to
contentment and fulfillment of my life, as well as contributing quality content
to the internet for readers to enjoy.

Essentially, I became tired of reading short, empty, and basic blog posts
and articles, that either ended too soon and left me wanting to read more or
wonder where the rest of the article was; or the article itself just didn’t
provide the research, statistics or depth that’s necessary to satisfy.

I wanted to see change, and as someone who challenges the status quo, I
achieve this by researching the topics I write about from multiple aspects, and
infuse my data with personal anecdotes, and/or consult those that have had a
lived experience, to contribute towards a deeper-than-average blog post or

I did publish my fictional short stories here after an editor perused my
fiction, saying my genre is magical realism (Hence “Magickal Reality”
as the sub title of my site.), however due to an insane level of plagiarism, I
no longer have these available publicly. Although I do endeavor to
self-publish these stories, and all future fiction, in the coming years.


I seek to write with a sense of wonder and am drawn towards that which questions the meaning of normality or how we perceive ourselves as human beings. Dipping my feet into the shallows has never appealed to me and I am not afraid of the deep dark depths of the human psyche in which we often find ourselves and, sometimes, become unwilling participants in. I challenge the status quo with an insightful approach, and as a natural thought leader that inspires creativity and wonder.

When not waxing lyrical about everything, I, as of June 2022, for the last four years, work full-time in the Brisbane CBD, while working from home for a consumer services organization where I write emails communicating to internal and external stakeholders daily.

I am also a full-time mother and when I get spare time, I like to explore with random road trips, heading to the beach and rain forest, geocaching, bike -riding, swimming, board games, assorted arts + crafts, learning guitar with musical friends and writing + research on here.

MBTi, astrological and psychological aspects: INFJ, Capricorn Moon, Aquarius Sun, Pisces in Mercury, and ASD.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and thanks for reading and sharing my content.

All original work copyright Starah.

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