Harry Potter and the Re-Ordering of the Phoenix

You guessed it, it's Re-Words time. Now with Harry Potter. So the other night, my 9 year old wanted to read a few pages of the latest Potter they had finally started reading of the series, a couple of moths ago, and was up to Order of The Phoenix. Combine that with my random Re-Words … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Re-Ordering of the Phoenix

Re-words – The Day of The Triffids

Hi guys, I started reading The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham the other day, as I came across it at my local library. I have heard of it before, but had never read it. And, as much as I am enjoying it, I accidentally read a word wrongly, and thought it was something … Continue reading Re-words – The Day of The Triffids

The connection between INFJ’s, Psychic Ability, Alien DNA & O- Blood Type

Am I really an alien from outer space???? Or, Why is type O negative blood type so special??? Then there's, What are the characteristics of O negative blood group??? And our favourite, are O negative blood type psychic??? So I've kinda joked about this in the past online and in real life, and I am skeptical with most things, but the more I dig, the more I see that maybe I really am an alien.