How living near the ocean can improve your mood

How living near the ocean can improve your mood | Starah99 It's no secret that spending time near the ocean can improve your mood. But did you know that living close to the beach and hearing the sound of waves lapping against shoreline rocks has a positive impact on you? Raby Bay. Feet in the sand, hot sun blazing 23 degrees in the middle of an Australian winter, almost swimming in the ocean, fully clothed. Bunking off work, cos it’s all drama and micro-management, I come here and get happy. The happies I feel on the inside make me feel better that I can handle the work drama, as I almost quit, it was so bad.


🦋 Butterflys & Bushwalks part 1

Hello sweet things! A few weeks ago, I went for a mini bushwalk down the road, recorded it then uploaded it youtube. Go check it out 😀 I have more footage to upload, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I also have a family member returning to the area soon, and would love to … Continue reading 🦋 Butterflys & Bushwalks part 1