Totally Tarot: Zombie Tarot

Soooo a few years ago, my old man gave me a deck of Zombie Tarot after finding pictures on pinterest. My tarot knowledge isn't that great, but it always seemed fascinating to me, after playing around with oracle cards. Most of the time when I do a reading, I find them very accurate. However, I … Continue reading Totally Tarot: Zombie Tarot


INFJ Dreamer

Soooo this came up in my fb newsfeed, and yeh it's funny. But it's also dead set wrong 😉 So I've fixed it for all the lil whingy ENTP's out there. Cos really, INFJ's aren't thinking about you, we're in the clouds, thinking about how everything's made.  


"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Teresa (INFJ)   During the school holidays earlier this week, I posted an update on my Facebook page,  randomly deciding to buy a book from my local Lifeline opshop in Cleveland. I tried finding a children's book, but … Continue reading Altruism