Baby Rounds W/ Ol’ Bolty

Hi kids. Me again. I went to visit my fam bam in regional Queensland, Australia. I had a few drinks to celebrate my 40th the night before with some friends, so was feeling a dash seedy. And I had not had a coffee yet. But this soon woke me up 😀 Interesting to note, that … Continue reading Baby Rounds W/ Ol’ Bolty

Office Walk

Hi kids. It's been awhile. So sorry about that. Anyway, my child wanted me to record a video of where I work, either go to, or going from. Since I can't, due to security, I did manage to record my walk from my office in Brisbane CBD to the train station. Here it is. Some … Continue reading Office Walk

Corporate Australia Can Kiss My Analytical Ass

Disclaimer: Rant imminant. Hi guys, so it's been a really hot minute since I wrote anything. Please forgive me, I re-entered the realm of full-time employment, the likes of which I haven't seen in literally 20 years. So, to get to the point, I recently completed an external module of mental health facilitation, that's a … Continue reading Corporate Australia Can Kiss My Analytical Ass