Geocache + Water Walk @ Sunshine Park.

Oh hi. I'm sorry, but I went looking for another cache up the road from where I live + video'ed it. Check it out here. Rant ahead: Can I just say, I am sooooo sick of people in the country, saying there's no nature in the city. Where I live now has acres of nature, … Continue reading Geocache + Water Walk @ Sunshine Park.

Sunshine Walkz + Geocaching ⚙

Hi folks, So I'm really enjoying video-ing my lil random adventures. Here's another one.It also includes two geocache locations. One is at the Cleveland Point Lighthouse, and the other a walk across the water. Till next time,   Starah ♡

Corporate Australia Can Kiss My Analytical Ass

Disclaimer: Rant imminant. Hi guys, so it's been a really hot minute since I wrote anything. Please forgive me, I re-entered the realm of full-time employment, the likes of which I haven't seen in literally 20 years. So, to get to the point, I recently completed an external module of mental health facilitation, that's a … Continue reading Corporate Australia Can Kiss My Analytical Ass