Twin Flame BS

That’s right kids, what you think as all mushy, lovey dovey is just a label created to get your dollar.

Sooo, last week, I stumbled across a video on you tube, describing the stages of a “twin flame” relationship. There’s hundreds of them, all cashing in. It doesn’t matter which one you look at.

But I watched one of them called, 7 Stages of Twin Flame Union, and the two “twin flames” listed what happens in the journey, intense feelings, great sex, negative emotions, seperations, non-communication, then the “call to help others,” and the reconnection. To name a few parts of the journey.

As I watched it, I couldn’t help noticing the simularities with my own relationship over the past 15 years. Exactly as it was described.

But hang on, if I had a twin flame relationship, why was it so toxic, why would I put a label on it, why would I only find out about this now, pretty much when we’re seperated?

It seemed to me, the way they were describing it, was a very immature relationship.

And I would never consider it a “twin flame” relationship. If I had to put a label on it, it would be karmic – lots of lessons to be learned. And oh boy, were there lots.

But there were a lot of unanswered questions as well, and it seems these typez of relationships only happen to people in their 20’s.

What about the rest of those who are over the age of 50, or who have had kids, and are at different maturity levels?

All these gaps, to fill the modern void.

Because, “in the old days,” people got married. And that was it.

It seems like there’s a massive hole within humanity that collectively thinks they won’t be a complete person without a partner.

Or, maybe I’m just old and jaded.

However, if you say things like, “My twin flame and I are in seperation, we’ll meet again in the 5d,” you’re a fresking idiot.


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