INFJ files

So, this happened to me today at work. Like some random person I’ve never been formally introduced to, startes jabbering away to me. Meanwhile, in my head, I’m thinking to myself, Shit, I gotta go back to work, I don’t have time for this. I just had to go pee. Omg seriously. Whhyyyy.

And it just gives me a massive complex, like, do I have a face that says, “tell me all the things,” or, am I too polite to not say no, and, is this why people tell all their stuff, cos of my face? Like, at the same time, having a mini nervous breakdown, dear-caught-in-the-head-lights moment.

Please, don’t miss-understand us, we sincerly care about you, and all your things, but it’s un-expected, we often become frozen, and can’t function well. And it certainly isn’t because we don’t care about you.

Also. I got a job. Full time. In the city. Yay me. I have income.

Please excuse weird drawing, I used my tablet to draw it.

Thanks. I ♡ u

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