Julian Palmerism is ego manifest

The things he hates about others, he embodies them himself.

File under: ayahuasca asshole, dumbcunt, egotistical twatwaffle

The guy’s a massive twat.

I mean yeh, I enjoyed reading some of his fb posts. Like who hasn’t smoked dmt?

This evening, one of his got my attention. Actually, only because I haven’t been online much lately, so most of his rants would not of come up in my news feed.


And I couldn’t help myself. We all know I pull up people’s bullshit, but my sense of humour clearly went over his drug-adled, “I’m not egotistical,” egotestical brain, when I commented: “Not sure if privilaged white male whinging, or too many drugs 🤔🤔. Well he deleted my comment and “unfriend” me from fb. Like it’s high school or some shit. I’m actually at that age where I finally don’t give a fuck about tossers.

Looks like the truth hurts, Julian baby.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung (A guy that wasn’t a twatty cunt.)


4 thoughts on “Julian Palmerism is ego manifest

  1. What a smug jerk! People who arrogantly rely on their flawed reasoning ( prejudice) to ridicule others and LITERALLY Gaslight people by saying there is no such thing as Gaslighting and they are crazy is not befit for a quality friendship with an Indigo child such as yourself. I miss you very much my friend and haven’t been on social media much either; my so-called friends take me for granted on there and are mostly robotic narcissists regardless. I saved your bushwalk video with the butterflies…love the intro music as well. Hey, did you know that my last name Aziz is cognate of “Oz” in Hebrew? Maybe I’m the man behind the curtain, LOL! Take care…


    1. Exactly! People are actually in emotional and psychological pain abusers, and he wants to dismiss it as crazyness? My mind boggles at how some people treat others.
      Thank you ♡ you are an amazing individual, and I wish there were more humans on the planet like yourself.
      I love that it means Oz 💛 my name in Hebrew is Princess lol


    2. Also, I just found out what an indigo child is and I definitely am not one lol Apparently I’m a crystal child, which I identify with more. Funny, cos I even have an online crystal shop ❤
      There's more to that butterfly video, I just haven't put it up yet. I'd love to do more random walks and video's of nature when I get some more time 🙂


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