INFJ finally stops giving a fuck

For a couple of years, I thought I was a repressed INTJ. You know, being scared to reveal my true thoughts and feelings about things for fear of rebtribution due to years of abuse from females and males as I grew up.

But, finally, now at 38 years of age, I have, deep within myself, feel the societal chains that once kept me bound, have now loosened, and I have finally stopped giving a rats about what arseholes think.

It hasn’t always been easy, this journey. Always conflicted, confused and left with complexities about what and who I am and know to be. And all the therapy in the world, and well-meaning basics could never do what I have been able to undo within myself.

My ex was physically and (Trying unsuccessfully.) psychologically abuse me last night, my mum was admitted to hospital today, I still have no car from random dumbshit that rear ended me earlier this year, trying to raise an awesome human, run a biz, return to study in two weeks, and find a job to get out of badly managed social housing. So maybe I just don’t have time for clowns anymore.

I still care, a lot. About people who really need understanding and empathy. And I no longer feel conflicted about my path. I’m real, bitchez. But to all the cuntz on the planet – a massive go fuck yourself. Seriously.

Much luv (To all those that deserve it.),

☄ Starah ☄


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