The Empath Diaries 77.7 – Carrie Fisher INFJ

Hello friends, misfits and fellow introverts. A few weeks ago, or longer, I went down a rabbit hole and started reading about dead people. Sid Viscious was one, and Carrie Fisher was the other. Who knows why I do anything.

Anyway, in high school I had super long butt length hair, and would often wear it in twin space buns up high, or plaits or whatever, and the really smart kids would call me Princess Leia. If you can’t identify my sarcasm, please stop reading.

Anyway, I may have seen Star Wars as a kid while visiting my dads’, as my step-mum is cray cray about it. But really, my memory only picks up Spaceballs. Anyway, Princess Leias’ hair faded from my memory, and being into medieval things, that’s probably some of my inspo for hair styles, and also I’m naturally creative/spotaneous, so it would of been whatever.

I didn’t mind being called Princess Leia. My name has the Hebrew meaning of Princess, so it fitted. And had everyone up into my mid 20’s refer to me as such, cos their feeble minds had nothing else to project their own self-hatred onto me, except the one thing I now own within myself.

Fuck yeh, I’m Princess Leia.

Don’t like it, fuck off.


But Carrie Fisher is a fascinating creature, indeed. After I read wiki, I found a book at my local library that I could read ASAP.

The Princess Diarist.



A play on words, Carrie Fisher was a writer, and a Hollywood script doctor.

I felt so much compassion for this girl/woman, while reading bits of her diary as a 19 year old. I cried and laughed, and identified with many of her thoughts. Half way through reading, my youtube suggested “Bushes of love,” by Bad Lip Reading.

I laughed so much, but the ending with all the Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia scenes made me melancholy and nostalgic.

I finished the book in a few days, whilst attending my other responsibilities, and have now got Postcards From The Edge, and Wishful Drinking that I need to read (Had 7 days to read Ready Player One before it was due back for someone else to read.).

I love you, Carrie ♡


P.S: I was the only one on my own personal social media that cared when she passed away. Says sooo many things. R.I.P beautyful lady xxx

4 thoughts on “The Empath Diaries 77.7 – Carrie Fisher INFJ

  1. I don’t have a TV or have it watched one for years now, but on Netflix they premiered the latest installment of the Star Wars saga “The Last Jedi,” so I gave it a shot. It was known to me that this was to be Carrie Fisher’s last film and she had a powerful presence in it, indeed. I dated one of her nieces when I was just 18 years old; a one Julie Fisher from Newport Beach, California, and the epitome of a “Valley Girl.” Alas, she did not inherit the same endearing qualities as her aunt, but was entertaining nonetheless.

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  2. I have watched the 3 original Star Wars a few times since then, and the 3 before. I couldn’t really follow The Force Awakens, I’m not sure what it was, I couldn’t get through the first 15 minutes without becoming bored and dis-enfranchised, because I knew the franchise is now owned by Disney. I did manage to watch The Last Jedi, though. Interesting note: George Lucas studied psychology before making the original star wars trilogy, which is always in the back of my mind whenever watching them, and why so many people love that movie, that feeling of being “home”. He clearly did his research. Also, after watching the original Dune movie, you can see where George got his inspiration from.
    And look at you – with mysterious secrets 🙂 that’s cool that you dated her, even if she wasn’t as endearing as her Aunt. Not many people can say that they dated Carrie Fishers’ niece ❤


  3. She was a great writer and so funny! I was hoping when she fell ill on the plane that she’d recover and write something sarcastically humorous about it. It was not to be. So sad when she died.

    She made a one-woman show of Wishful Drinking. It’s worth a watch if you can get it (it’s on HBO’s On Demand service here in the U.S.).


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