The Empath Diaries – 5.0: Organized Religion and New Age Nonsense

I had religion shoved down my throat since I could breathe. I was raised in a christian household; so by default I’m naturally skeptical and jaded of everything. I even had a brief dalliance with witchcraft in my early teens; became fascinated with astrology, Hinduism, crystals, incense. Anything to remove myself from an oppressive organized cult.

That doesn’t stop my family members continually try to convert me, or when friends listen to bullshit youtubers and all of a sudden, Christianity leads the way. I don’t hate religion, I’ve just copped wayyy too much of it, seen through the bullshit and decided it’s not for me.

And then after I left the confines of home at 17, I encountered someone who was just as batshit crazy as an organized religious cult, a follower of new age beliefs and self-help gurus. I thought she was the shit. Had my first alcoholic beverage with her, assisted my indulgence of my rebellious paganism against my parental unit and offered me my first cones.

We were friends for years, before I caught onto her bullshit, but in that time in our early 20’s, she passed on her blind admiration of Doreen Virtue onto me. And I just lapped it up, read all her books, brought her mermaid cards, followed her for quite a few years.

It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s, when my own intuition kicked into high gear, that I realized there was something fundamentally wrong with someone who thinks they need to read self help books in their early 20’s. And I didn’t realize until years after that, that there was lots of things wrong with this person, and Doreen Virtue was not going to help.

Just type into google: Doreen Virtue bullshit, and swathes of articles and blogs come up with similar themes about the new age guru and similar cohorts cashing in on vulnerable sheep. It’s sad, and it irks me, but I’m not the only one who sees this stuff.

And now she’s done her market research and the overwhelming data shows that Christianity is where the moneys at, yo! Fuck me, I wish I was that morally bereft.

Anyway, it’s late, I’m rambling, and I haven’t written anything in ages due to other life responsibilities, even if thoughts in my head carry me elsewhere. It is school holidays, so I guess I can stay up later and focus on myself for a change, other than tax and parent fizza-ma-whatzittz.

I’m not against any religion, or cult, or belief, and those who want to pursue those, I’m not gonna judge. But I am against big piles of doo-doo, and will call it out.


Starah out ///////


4 thoughts on “The Empath Diaries – 5.0: Organized Religion and New Age Nonsense

  1. Agreed. I take wisdom from Scripture but abhor the Church and the structuralism of it all, and YES, Doreen Virtue is just another “Feel-Good New Age” Swami trying to sell books and get page hits. She says the most airy-fairy nonsense to make you want to vomit in your own mouth, and takes license on interpretations of things as if it were fact, smh…

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    1. Thanks Mark, you always have something wise to say 🙂
      There’s a lot of things that make me want to vomit in my mouth lol.
      It’s perplexing really, she has a “degree” in psychology, but she twists it all around and re-spouts it as mumbo jumbo, it often ending up being the complete opposite of any psychological theory, causing more harm than good.
      I really hope all the Christians she’s duping wise up to her quickly


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