April Showers

“Oh for fucks sake,” April cried out loud, after looking at the text message on her phone. She really wanted to chuck the piece of shit iphone in the pool she was trying to relax beside at the Motel Bermuda. She replaced her sunglasses she had torn off her happy face in a rage, and fumed while texting a response.

Fuck off with your horse-shit

Get Raymond to do it

Jesus bloody fucking christ almighty

She read the message again: “Jupiters’ moon flooded. Need help asap. – Mars”

What the fuck did they want her to do about it? Didn’t they know those stupid humans had fucked up her ozone layer? Pretty much, Earth is fucked cos of that Rothchild family.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, she signaled the waiter to bring her a vodka. He rode away on a hover-trike made especially for clouds. She needed a strong drink. She also needed someone to roll her a joint, cos dealing with this shit is whack.


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