Just because you smoke DMT, doesn’t make you a good person.

Someone I personally know came out publicly and accused many people of things that she herself has done to those people. This person has a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis (Documented evidence of this is available.). So, some of the things she’s accused these people of allegedly doing :

  • Fiction: “Sexual harassment from someone employed at a youth hostel.” Fact: (In her words to me before going public-) “I popped his cherry.”
  • Fiction: “He was emotionally abusive, but at the time I didn’t know it. Then he ended up cheating on me.” Fact: She lied in court defending this person against domestic violence chargers against him (Documented evidence of this is available.). So she knew, but continued to be with him. And with all the other lies, who knows if he was abusive towards her or not. I’m thinking not, due to the next fact presented. Fact: She had dated that person in the past and cheated on him then. She also cheated with him the second time they dated, in pursuit of a new relationship.

Timeline of drug abuse of ice, or so she claims, occurred before she started re-dating the above mentioned person. She started smoking DMT while with them. This does not correlate with the story she is presenting, that he cheated on her. I personally know him, and I can say without a doubt that he doesn’t cheat with his girlfriends (Of which he’s only had three in his life of 34 years, compared to her track record of 20+ until the age of 32.)

So if the truth is – she smoked DMT while with that person, then still smoking DMT she cheated on him with someone else. How does that give her the right to make accusations about other people and justify smoking DMT and using it to help overcome her addiction to crack, when she has also come out and said that “Moving away from her home town help me stop my addiction to ice.”

I’m seeing a lot of inconsistencies and bullshit. She’s also accused good friends of mine of things they’ve never done, but have actually done to others herself.

I’m gonna go a bit personal now, into detail as to what this person is really like.

I had many people tell me to stay away from her, cos “She’s a cunt.” This was before she was on ice, she’d only smoked pot. I decided to befriend her due to my own ideals of justice and that everyone deserves a chance. This was the time she told me that she popped his cherry in reference to the sexual assault claim against the youth worker. At this time, I had no idea about her mental health issues (Except for a stint in a Toowoomba hospital when she was 17 or something.). Although she said some whacked out shit like, end of the world bullshit and some man tried raping her (Consistent with BPD.). I remained neutral, as I still hadn’t figured out who she was.

At the same time, my best friend and I were going through some stuff, and I broke down crying in front of this person. I was at her house (That she lived in for free, one of her parents’ houses.) where she was showing me a book she was writing, entitled “The three sisters.” I guessed it was about me, and two other girls she knew. It was like she was keeping tabs on us. Anyway, after I broke down, she looked at me with coldness and gave me the fakest hug I have ever received. I wouldn’t even call it a hug. It was like she didn’t want to touch me.

One time, she went to lunch with me and her dad. She told me before hand that her dad used to work for the government as a spook. At the lunch, he didn’t say anything to me. But afterwards she mentioned that he told her that I am easy to manipulate. That was when I said to her straight: “I don’t do head games and manipulation. It’s a shit thing to do to people.” She physically hung her head in shame.

Not long after that, my partner (One of the people she accuses of things , and had dated twice.) and I had a huge fight and basically broke up when our child was nine months old. Her former boyfriend was visiting not long after and said that she was responsible for it. Two days after we break up, she knocked on the door where he was staying and asked him out. She also threatened mutual friends with letters of things that people had said. I called her out on her bullshit via text, and was threatened with legal action if I ever spoke out about this.

A few years later, she started dating my boyfriend, and unfortunately, there were two occasions where we were physically present at the same time. On both those times, she immediately copied me with something I had done. First time I was putting on bunny ears with my child to make them laugh and giggle, and she then went and did the same thing. Second time at my childs’ birthday party, she saw me wearing faery wings, so she had to do the same thing. These were times she was apparently smoking DMT to get over crack.

A few months later, she cheated on him, then moved out of her parental house, into another one in another rural town. I’ve not had any contact with this person for awhile, but a family member does, and I have a feeling they’ve unwittingly passed on information about me to her via gossip (Or she’s stalked me on facebook with one of her four profiles.), as now she is pursuing a degree in psychology. Two years after I said I was doing that. And the reason I found out about this, is due to mutual friends interactions on facebook where I came across the article she posted about herself on her profile page. Or else I would never willingly look in her direction, after the chaos and destruction she has caused so many people. I have since decided to halt my own studies in that field, as I never wish to be associated with such a sociopath in mental health.

I wish no ill towards her, I am not bitter or jealous, I only see what is true, presenting factual evidence and I hope she chooses her career prospects wisely. However, to have her in a position of power where she is in charge of vulnerable peoples’ mental health and emotional well-being, when she shows no empathy for the feelings of others, continuously manipulates, lies and cheats (Regardless of whatever miracle drug you consume to make it look like you’re a better person.), is pure irresponsibility.



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