Warning: Stellar Mazes’ INFJ female analysis (INFJ Woman in love) is based on his own bullshit.

UPDATE: 1/10/18 It’s been several months since I wrote this, and a few months ago, I noticed the second link to a personality forum where people out Blake as a troll, has mysteriously disappeared.

404 Not Found

nginx/1.12.2So I looked on his site, and he’s written some other piece of shite “article” because he thinks people don’t like his mish mash of astrology and MBTi (He obviously can’t extrapolate from the full data I wrote.) cough, guys’ having a whinge, cough. Can’t read it though, unless you give the arsehole money. But hey, y’all can read everything I write for free, cos I’m not a cunt. Anyway, I don’t really care what the tosser has to say about INFJ’s anymore, as it’s clear he doesn’t know squat. Like, it’s kinda embarrassing that he thinks he’s smart.

Thanks, Have a good night ❤

In his article, he straight up assumes all INFJ females have a Scorpio moon. This is his sole “scientific” basis of his own description of his “giant shit of an article”, and according to him, based on ‘logic’. Because, as any INFJ knows in they’re collective intellectual bones, astrology takes precedence in the field of science.


Apparently his ‘logical article’ is based on something that doesn’t even exist – “that I came up with as a way to explain facets of the INFJ type that are not accounted for in prevailing descriptions of them.” Not in prevailing descriptions, you say? Hummm. I wonder why that is? Could hundreds of psychologists with degrees be wrong in interpreting MBTI this whole time? Oh my fucking god! I must write my own “article” about that bitch that didn’t want to date me. Fuck me, where are my troll pants? Get me my pepe suit so I can be a cunt to everyone.

Hopefully, anyone reading his bullshit that has stumbled upon an INFJ female and fallen in love with her, does not take what he’s written seriously. If you haven’t read it, don’t even bother. I couldn’t even get through the first paragraph without vomiting. Don’t just take my word for it though, this reddit confirms the writer is a dick. Also, here’s a few folk debating his credibility and his MBTI.


Yours Critically,




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