Totally Tarot: Zombie Tarot

Soooo a few years ago, my old man gave me a deck of Zombie Tarot after finding pictures on pinterest. My tarot knowledge isn’t that great, but it always seemed fascinating to me, after playing around with oracle cards. Most of the time when I do a reading, I find them very accurate. However, I always turn to the guidebook for the meanings, even though I’m generally good at interpreting symbols.It’s only been in the last two months or so that I have decided to take the tarot journey, immerse myself in the symbols within, and become more accuainted with these cards. I’ll be going through every card of the major and minor arcanas, gaining a deeper knowledge of their meanings.I have to point out, that I dooooo really love interpreting symbols and finding meaning in esoteria. Jung being my favourite guide, I have read the first few pages of ‘Man and his Symbols’, as well as most of ‘The Four Archetypes’. Quality reading, and I highly recommend both πŸ™‚

I knoooow, I’m kinda rambling and this post lacks any form or structure; but I is suuuper tired from only 6 hrs sleep. Anyway, I decided to give myself a mini reading:


Recent past; present and future.

Without divulging my personal life, it looks bright to me πŸ˜‡πŸŒžπŸ’Ž



Starah πŸ’–


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