Hearts On Fire

She grabbed his shoulders, leaned up to his ear and whispered, “You are my dream.”

He melted. To a puddle. On the ground. In the middle of the city. He held her to him and said, “You’re my dream, as well.”

Wrapped in bliss, they kissed deeply, longly, with what felt like hours passing by, like they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Earlier they met at the train station, Melody inviting Josh over to the northside to pick up a rare book from the library she wanted. “Cos I know you like trains, and so do I.” When she saw him walking towards her, the world around her phazed away. It was him, only him in her vision. He came closer and said, “morning.” Their energy together just vibed perfectly while close.

Melody gave him a hug, kissed him sweetly on the lips and said, “Happy valentines day. I won’t touch you for the rest of the day.”  She smiled cheekily at him, quickly alighting the train. His heart literally leaped out of his chest as he followed his sweetheart, a sigh escaping from deep inside. He hoped she wouldn’t. Even though close physical contact with people was not something he needed, but to feel her though was like a sweet soul release.

He sat next to the window, and next to him, she was silent, softly touching each other. As the train left the station, it started raining, so Melody laid her head in his lap. Looking up at him, she stroked his face with her finger. He took her hand, and with eyes barring down into hers he kissed her knuckles, not letting her hand leave his lips. Voice slightly creaking he said, “You are a song in my soul, sweetheart. You sing to my heart in ways I could never imagine possible.”

She raised herself up saying she had something for them both, and took out two friendship bands she had made. Both in pink and green stripes. “I made these for us. One for you and one for me. They are both exactly the same, just like us,” she smiled at him. Tying his on, she said, “Now I will never loose your friendship, and whenever we see or feel them, we’ll always be reminded of each other. Just incase there’s a moment of a day when your not thinking of me,” and giggled. “And now we’re bound forever,” she said after he tied hers.

He gently took her head in his hand and kissed her sweet soft mouth. The mouth that was made just for him. This thought thrilled him at the knowledge of their love and his heart swelled.

Background story



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