High on., my love

And this is what happens anytime they’re together.

Although she’s used to people telling her everything, he’s not used to telling anyone anything, so he feels even more of a special bond between them.

As he talked, she listened to his grievances, and encouraged him to continue when he paused, as she was naturally curious about others, and kinda new when someone needed to tell their story. But sometimes, her questions strayed into other areas of life and randomness. Anything from music, tv shows, governmental systems, hierarchy within the school faculty. All these subjects were discussed between them with such ease and understanding that time flew right by.

Melody almost forgot where she was, and suddenly remembered something Angel had given her before that was currently in the back pocket of her jeans. She whipped it out and trailed it under her nose, eyes closed and inhaling deeply. Opening them, she said,

“For as long as I’ve known you (Only a few years.), I’ve wanted to get high with you.”

“I know you’ve never done it before,” she continued. “and I don’t really do it heaps either, and only enjoy smoking by myself. But for some reason, I just want to see what would happen if we toked up together. Like, what magick can we conjure up?” She raised her arms and made a sweeping gesture as if she was creating clouds in the room with sparkling lights in them.

She was right, he had never done it, but she enchanted him so much, and felt so good around her that he decided to try. She sparked it up, took a few puffs and handed it to him.

Nothing much really happened for a few minutes, and they were still smoking it, when Josh started giggling at the pattern on Angels blanket. Melody asked what it was and he said, “Ohhh, the patterns are really coming out,” and laughed some more. There were all these thoughts rolling through his head, and yet, he felt calm and still, and everything was funny.

“Oh my god. They so are man,” Melody agreed and laughed along. She looked at him, laughed and said, “Dude have you seen your hair? Its all floppy and shit,” and laughed some more. He tried getting his brown hair out of the way of his green eyes, but was having trouble.

Attempting to get off the bed and reach the mirror, he was distracted by all the swirls in the carpet, swimming round on the floor. He had to get down and feel it. Melody blew out a massive puff of smoke. “Dude, what are you doing?” More laughter. “The fucking carpets moving, Melody.”

“Hahaha Moving Melody,” They thought simultaneously looking at each other and burst out laughing.

“Ahhhh, I need to dance or something.” Melody grabbed her phone and brought up an app to stream songs. Looking over to Josh she asked him what he wanted to listen too.

“Ahhhhm, I don’t really know,” he replied. She nodded and put on The Doors Ghost Song. She got down on the carpet with Josh and laid down, motioning for him to do the same. Jim Morrison’s voice began to crone, “Awake. Shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one…”

Melody closed her eyes, blissing out as Josh went “Woooooowwwwww…” He took her hand, and they lay there for what seemed like eternity, just listening to the automated playlist of psychedelic music.


Several days later, Melody was on facebook, wondering why Josh hadn’t answered one of her comments. Her thoughts took her back to the other night and how it was one of the best nights they had ever had. Nothing sexual happened between them, it was just some kind of symbiotic occurrence, transporting them through time and space where they laughed, and were completely in the moment with each other. It was some kind of dream that she wished she could have again, as she’s never experienced that before.

Not when they were stoned either. While straight,  her girlfriends didn’t understand her, and he never seemed to get upset the way other boys would when she’d catch them out on their bullshit. He took all her criticisms, accepted them, and propelled himself towards her idealistic visions. She loved him so much, but could never tell him how he made her feel. And she was constantly struggling within herself as she didn’t want a relationship or a boyfriend or anything with anyone, it was all bullshit…


Every interaction they had ever had was on constant replay in his mind on the daily. He was having trouble concentrating on his course work. Everything she says always makes soooo much sense to him. Not like his old girlfriend that cheated on him and left. Oh no, Melody was the complete opposite and several times better. He started fantasizing about her hardcore into the future. He dreamed about the day he could kiss her passionately, stroke her hair and tell her how much he fucking adored her. It was a fire that drove him wild with longing.


I’m writing you a letter to be never sent.

To tell you how I feel before my mood dissects.

Tell me you love me

Tell me it’s real.

Just hold me in your arms so I can

remember how you feel

…Continued Here.



The few bits before


©Starah 99


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