I don’t want romance, I just want your luv //

Two days later, Melody couldn’t handle it any longer. The pain in heart grew steady at needing to interact with him on some level. Despite her crippling shyness, she texted Josh a random smiley face.

And then she waited. …

I’m writing this at 1:20am, sorry for all the spelling errors, I’ll fix them later. Just about to pass out. Xx


Melody finished the assignment she was working on for geography. She loved doing her BA at uni, but with all her planning of assignments and exams, sometimes she just needed to stop and take a break. And that afternoon, that was it.

Glasses off, shower on. The Tardis calls from a distance//her mobile alerting her to new messages…..


Josh got off the phone to his mate, Eric, who had invited him out that night. Some chick he knew was having a massive lit fest. Josh was reluctant at first, he didn’t really get into pot, but relented when Eric said no one else was going with him, could he tag along?


Red pixie hair, brown eyes, a cupid mouth accompanied the lanky, geeky body of Melody to Angel’s* house. Her best friends’ olds’ were out for the night, so she was having a few friends around for a sesh.

She knocked on the brown-painted door that is the inner-Brisbane suburb of the ‘Gabba…concrete footpaths with decrepit buildings housing all the poor students taking the bus over to UQ at St Lucia. Melody’s older sister, Claire used tell her all the stories of when the Gabba hotel played all the punk bands in the nineties. Weeds growing up the walls, the emptyness of 2pm with the summer sun beating down that accompanies the existential  eternity of Australia.

Angel opened the door with rose-coloured, heart-shaped glasses to match her heart-shaped face and rose-coloured heart. Big smiles and “Hhheeeeeeeeeey, Melody! ” greeted her warming in a fuffly rainbow hug.

Angel asked if she wanted anything and that some of her mates were there already.

“No, I might just chill for a bit.”

“Cool babes. You know where everything is, yeh?”

Melody nodded yes, re-assuring her friend she’d be, just so she’d be left alone. ANgel bounced off towards the lounge, while she made her way to the kitchen. She was famished, and Angel’s rents’ always had the goods. On the way, she walked past the lounge and caught a glimpse of several different stereotypical early 20’s scenesters, toking up, passed out, dancing. The bucket bong was well and truly on the way to being the high-light of everyone’s day.

She hadn’t got stoned in ages, but food was on her mind.



Several hours later Josh and Eric were walking up the same street towards the same house, when the smell of smoke attracted Eric’s nostrils, and like a hound, almost ran off straight away to it’s destination. Josh laughed and grabbed his friends’ arm, “Not yet, guy.” Eric slowed down and a few moments later came upon the house with sus smells.

After knocking and calling out for a few minutes, a girl with forest-green waist length hair answered the door and clouds of smoke floated past her straight into Eric’s face. “Ahhh, there’s my cloud 9,” he said dreamily, and they followed the girl inside. They found Angel in the lounge with a group of friends all lit af. All stock-standard stereotypes, though Josh, as his eyes wondered around the room and stayed on a girl with short red pixie hair and brown eyes. She was laughing with a guy all dressed in black with black lipstick and stripey armbands.

Eric was already at the bucket and Josh found himself moving towards Melody. But she hadn’t noticed him yet, the goth guy was saying some random poetry to her, and he couldn’t tell if she was stoned or not. Ugh. He got closer without her noticing, sitting on the couch behind her. He looked like a rock, sitting there, completely out of place, a thousand miles-away look on his face, but deep inside his heart was racing.

He never messaged her back before. He didn’t really know what to say. How do I respond to that? Than he got distracted with some political article another friend had written, and totally forgot about Melody for a few hours, until Eric called him out of his reverie and bought him here. And there she was, 30cms away from him.

Lost in thought, someone put a drink in his hand, and he found Angel smiling down at him. “Good to see you, Josh. Have a drink mate, it’s just Bundy and coke.” He smiled politely and said, “Thanks,” not really wanting to talk at all. All hope was dashed when Angel plonked next to him on the couch in a bubble of fluffy rainbows and began rambling on a million miles an hour about who knows what.

“Ugh,” he though and started to get up off the couch when Melody got up, turned around and saw him standing, staring at her. Some kind of squeak left her mouth, and she quickly covered it with her she hand. Her other hand holding a can of pre-mixed vodka. He looked into her eyes and saw that she wasn’t stoned, but they were a bit glassy.


Melody had only had half a can of raspberry vodka, but this dude wouldn’t stop talking to her. Ok, he was kind of cute and said some funny random shit, but she was getting bored quick, so decided to pretend she had to go to the bathroom. At least he didn’t stop her. Lucky, she thought to herself as she got up, turned around and practically bumped right into Josh. She squealed and felt super embarrassed, so she covered her mouth.

She had totally forgot about the message she sent, that she was missing him and said the first thing that came out her mouth, “What the fuck are you doing here?” She covered her mouth again.

Josh was gonna say something, but Melody had grabbed his arm and said, “Let’s go. Quick.” He duly followed her to Angels bedroom, apparently. It was all stuffed rainbow animals, mirror balls and lava lamps. She lay on Angels’ bed and asked if he had a drink.

He couldn’t stop himself, out came a dribble of pretty much everything that happened to him that day. She sat up and just stared at him while he continued talking. It was like all this weight lifted off his shoulders, her face was just so open and non-judgemental.


Continues Here…

Go here to read the beginning.


©Starah 99



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