Make Money in 2017 Writing Blogs

A couple of weeks ago I took a plunge, and advertised my Freelance Writing Skills on a local online classifieds site, as well as blogging about it on my own blog here. And while I had a bout of self-doubt and postponed the ad, I have since rehashed it, and now I am patiently awaiting replies.

*Insert thumb twiddling*

Mass amounts of waiting////


No surprise really. But I have been thinking about going premium with word press, just to generate a wee bit extra income for myself, even if it wasn’t much (It’s kinda tough being a single mum.). I searched the web for answers to my questions about how much a blogger makes with Wordads, and while I found someone that gave a review of Wordads, and I now have an idea, I also came across a site that has job ads for freelance writers, bloggers and content contributors. Bingo!



^^^ This is where you’ll go to find LOTZZZZZ of ads from all over the world looking for people to write for their blogs, private companies or mini articles and content creation for sites.

Get your blog cleaned up gals and guys, start subbing to other blogs and contributing to your favorite sites, get your twitter and facebook accounts ready, cos companies’ all want to see it.

I’ll be making some applications tomorrow, as it’s getting late for me here. But I’m excited and ready to write!!

Good luck people, don’t forget to head back here and tell me of your success. I love seeing people achieve their dreams, especially single parents!!!




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