The connection between INFJ’s, Psychic Ability, Alien DNA & O- Blood Type

Am I really an alien from outer space???? Or, Why is type O negative blood type so special??? Then there’s, What are the characteristics of O negative blood group??? What’s all this about INFJ’s??? And our favourite, are O negative blood types psychic???

So I’ve kinda joked about this in the past online and in real life, and I am skeptical with most things, but the more I dig, the more I see that maybe I really am an alien.

Image not mine

Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • O- blood type.
  • My Great great Grandfather on my mothers side came from Scotland, and our family lineage can be traced back to Sir Robert the Bruce.
  • Long dark hair + brown/green eyes. Auburn highlights in hair in sunlight and more green in eyes with Rayleigh light shinning through.
  • Mystical, psychic abilities and healing.
  • INFJ
  • Paternal Grandfather 33rd Degree Freemason.

Type into Google: O- blood type alien DNA, and a whole swathe of websites will come up with articles all saying the same thing. Literally, they all copied, word for word, an original article that linked to sources of information, and the copy cats didn’t even bother to link anything. Plagiarism is alive and kicking. Here’s one site with a quick run down that states, “…but a billion people on earth may not share human blood. They may ‘have alien blood’ according to some Ufologists

Rhesus, a protein substance, is located in red blood cells of 85% of Earthlings. But if people with rhesus negative (RH) blood have the rarest type in the world, then those who have RH negative O blood are especially exclusive. They can become universal donors, but if they need blood, they can take it only from others who also have O negative blood type. 

Another interesting point is that people with RH negative blood types do not have the “key evolutionary gene from rhesus monkeys” that humans do. Hence, have humans who do not share the gene with others descended from aliens, not monkeys?

Not to mention videos. <<< That one was quite fascinating. Get your alfoil hats ready and prepare to go deep into the rabbit hole of Annunaki.

And Sir Robert the Bruce? What’s he got to do with it? With me? Some people believe that the Annunaki or Sumerians traveled from Atlanta over to the north of Spain, and slowly made their way up through northern France and southern Scotland (Which is where my ancestry on my maternal Grandmother’s side is.), kinda lobbed together as Normandy.

With my mother an O- , as is myself and my eight year old, I’m gonna put a wild idea out there that it’s from my Grandmother’s side of the family where this blood type comes from. What’s really super awesome is that even though O- is pretty rare, most of my siblings and nieces have the same blood type. Roughly 8 – 12 people.

And how fun was it being made to wear a tartan skirt as a child with an oversize safety pin in it? Did I just realise my punk rock roots?


I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, but as I got older, my eyes went brown as well as my hair. In my teens it got real long and I was always dying it reddish coppery tones until my mid-twenties, sometimes I’d go black for fun, when I got over it and tried blonde highlights instead. I saw an iridologist
in my early twenties for no reason other than my friend at the time wanted to, so I tagged along. The only thing I remember her saying is that the reason she can see the green in my eyes, is because there’s blue behind the brown. I dunno how true that is, this post is severely lacking in science if that isn’t already obvious. I didn’t realise the Rayleigh light thing until last year. This article explains it better than me:

Light melanin pigmentation mixes with the blue caused by Rayleigh scattering to appear green.Light melanin pigmentation mixes with the blue caused by Rayleigh scattering to appear green.

I do have phases were I heal others, either with my empathy, listening, chakra healings, or lightwork. I don’t do this all the time, and I don’t like banging on about it, but people keep telling me their stuff since I was knee high to a grasshoper, and they also tell me how good my healings are. Oh but, that’s enough about that.


INFJ? What the actual is that? One of the sixteen personality types from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), loosely based on Carl Jung’s theories of introversion and extraversion. I found out a few years ago what type I was, and everything for me fell into place. Again, I don’t enjoy too much attention on myself but it’s quickly described it here from : ”

  • private
  • sensitive
  • quiet leaders
  • great depth of personality – intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even themselves
  • introverted
  • abstract in communicating
  • live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities – part of an unusually rich inner life
  • artistic (and natural affinity for art), creative, and easily inspired
  • very independent
  • orderly view towards the world but within themself arranged in a chaotic, complex way only they could understand. “


My Grandfather (Late.), owned a timber mill, while my dad grew up, becoming a 33rd Degree Freemason at his lodge. Unfortunately, I didn’t know any of this until after his death when I was in my early twenties. My dad told me later that he was, showing me his fathers’ ceremonial sword and robe (I’ll upload pics of the sword later.). There’s lots of lovely conspiracy theories about the Freemasons and the illuminati. My dad was going to join as well, but only went to the third degree. There’s lots of funny lil rumors of curses that go around when someone leaves the masonry, my dad does not believe any of it, which is his choice.

Sometimes I wonder about myself, and my brother and sisters, are we really aliens? I sure do look like one sometimes….

I’ve kinda always been fascinated by them, I wrote a story when I was 8 about them that I only found recently, I’ll try finding it again soon. All indicators seem to point in the direction of the affirmative. If it is all true, then what? Where really are all my special powers? Where’s my UFO at?


But seriously…..

Am I really an alien from outer space????

🐤 @Starah99


6 thoughts on “The connection between INFJ’s, Psychic Ability, Alien DNA & O- Blood Type

  1. My blood is o-. Just found out my dad came from Spain where the anninoki traveled to. I I’m an empath can heal people and read there minds I feel. My psychic abilities seem like they are getting stronger. Can’t even really explain how any of it works but I know it’s real.

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  2. This is so awesome!

    I’ve known I had O- blood since highschool when we had blood drives, which I’ve always joked about as being bland (no antigens, vampires would hate it), but I’ve only recently found out about the INFJ thing (took several online tests with the same result, but no official testing). Not entirely sure about the INFJ part (without an official test), but the described traits seem to line up in almost a spooky way.

    Thanks for putting this up. It’s really strange how much I can identify with the characteristics for both O- and INFJ, and it’s nice to not feel so alone or wonder why I always feel so different from everyone. Take care!


  3. thanks Starah for the comical post! I am O RH negative. And thanks to working in an Employment Agency, I’ve had the MBTI professionally administered and learned I am an INFJ, this got me curious after stumbling on an article online about physical characteristics of people with RH negative blood type, so I googled how many of that blood type are also INFJ’s, and landed here on your page. My grandad comes from Gateshead England, my mom from Germany after the 2 world war, other than that I have no idea of any ancestral origins. What I did find super interesting is how so many different articles on the internet reported that people with RH negative blood types have many physical and personality similarities, I find that very intriquing since I am also very intuitive, to the point of freaking people out because I always seem to know what’s going on with them, and also how for as long as I can remember, people tell me their deepest things, even strangers! And I can certainly identify with Ryan, I’ve always felt so different from my family/friends, but learning I was INFJ definitely made me feel normal!
    Anyway, thanks for putting it into such a funny light!


  4. I’m also descended from Robert the Bruce and an INFJ. I had very blond hair when little and then became brunette and my eyes are a confusing colour, different in different lights or depending what I wear but usually a sort of greyey green with yellow bits. Never thought to link these into alien origins. It’s the obvious explanation!

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