Flipped – Movie

I know this movie came out years ago, but I only just saw it on Netflix. I had no idea it even existed. Anyway, I thought the movie was really sweet and I’ve watched it twice now.

There’s a few layers going on that don’t just deal with romantic love, such as having courage, integrity and following your heart.

And other then the obvious theme of mis-communication between the two main characters, I struggle to understand why at such a young age, the girl falls in love with the boy? Like who does that? I never felt like that when I was a girl. Nor does my 8 year old.

She thinks people kissing is gross and I’m not about to force her into some idealology constructed from society to fulfill it’s needs.

She had a ‘boyfriend’ in the first grade, but I think she was pressured into it. One of her friends had one, and asked her who she liked. That was also the same kid who told her that if a boy hits you he likes you. I nipped that one in the bud straight away. The ‘boyfriend’ thing didn’t last long and she has never shown any inclination to say she likes any boy. She does have boys who are friends, but she’s friendship-centric and cares about others. Not so much boyfriend girlfriend and kissing. That’s soooo gross.

So I’m wondering why a young girl knows she’s going to have a first kiss with a boy? What put that idea in her head? Or who put that idea in her head? Her parents seem pretty normal in their relationship to each other, fighting, ups and downs, good moments. Her older brothers are into music, not girls. Is it from TV? The movies? Society?



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