Forgetful Posts

I was pondering my lack of competitiveness last night. Cos one am is the prime time to think back to when I was six years old.

Sometimes, in my adult life, either online, or in reality (Whatever that is), I’ve encountered personalities of the female persuasion, that are on the whole, negative, when they view me, or my ideals, goals, achievements, way of living. This usually comes in the form of jealous ex-girlfriends/wives of guys I’ve dated and involves blatant copying, and/or the other person upping their “game,”, seeing me as a threat, when all I’m doing is being myself. I don’t compete. At all. For anything.

As an example: I waved a hello to a jealous ex of someone I dated briefly, their response was fast, and then proceeded to talk incessantly about inane things to their current partner…this behavior screams insecurities. I won’t mention those few times he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

Another example was when I returned to retail a few years after giving birth. I really didn’t need to get a job, I just felt like it. And really appreciate Jason* for hiring me. Anyway, it was a massive craft/sew/homewares/fabric chain, and during training at one of the stores, some of us are all sitting around waiting for the meeting/training to start, and a young girl probably about 19 looks at my artwork (I’ll have to find it and put it up), and tries putting me down by saying, “Omg, does it say Stare – rah. Like you’re staring at something.” she laughs and her hangers off laughs with her. Silly bitch, I was in the middle of giving up smoking, single mum with no time for bullshit. Straight up said, “Actually, no. It’s “Star-rah. Get it right.” My friend, Jess, a couple of years younger then me just looked at me and smiled, while the other girls’ friends’ sat back and you could hear the collective “OMG, she stood up to her.” Super funny and proud moment for me, I rarely stand up to myself, but the silly bitch shouldn’t go around being jealous and project her insecurities onto others. Jess was so proud of me, “You knew exactly what she was doing, Sarah, and you gave it to her. Good on you.”

A few weeks later, we had to work together, and she tried to bring it up after she found out how old I was, still trying to prove herself right. Except she was being a wanker about it and told her so. Sensitive people – 1, horrible people – 0

However, not to be outdone, I’ve had males view me as a threat as well. Examples include, but not limited too: competing with me in group job interviews as they assume I am the same age as them; think I want to fuck them so they hang onto their girlfriend tighter (LOL. Dude. As If.); and one young boy had instant karma, as upon the interviews for a VOLUNTEER position at an op shop, he stuck his nose up at me by saying he was there first, and yet I got “interviewed” before him and was commended for being organized and efficient with the required paperwork. Like I get some young dudes take job interviews seriously, but mate, I’m 20 years older then you. Calm ya farm 😉


Observations. Over…



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