Suxx Employment

There’s a multi-billion dollar corporation that’s contracted out by the Australian government, that degrades… I mean,”helps” people find employment, and gets paid by the government to do so. This company is contracted by every other government in the world as well, and let’s call them Suxx Employment for this rant, as we all know who I’m talking about.

Even though I’m meeting my obligations by studying the required hours per week, I still have to look for work, until they realise I don’t actually have to be there. I went in this morning like a good lil girl, and started searching on the computers. Some young kid comes in not long after me smelling of cigarettes (I quit a few years ago after being a hardcore smoker for 17 years. I don’t care if a person smokes, but can ya not breathe it all over me. Thanks.), sees all the other empty spaces for computer use, but has to sit next to me. Like cmon fella, wtf?! I didn’t even give him the satisfaction of looking directly at him, even though he was tryin REALLY hard to get my attention.

Not quite sure if it was the foul breathe that came out, or the fact that he stank like fish and shit that made me want to gag. But guy, brush ya teeth and have a shower before ya come into a place like this tryna hook up with chicks.

And it’s like, yo, I’m not here to be hit on by young feral fucks. Literally being eyeballed by young dudes whenever I’m in there, makes me want to vomit all over the place. That was the third time it’s happened in the space of a three days, I’m not impressed, I’m not going out of my way to attract everyone; quite the opposite, I hope they all fuck off and leave me alone. And being the quiet introverted type I am, I didn’t say anything to him, as my thoughts were more along the line of mentioning it next time I had a proper appointment there, if they could remind others that this is not a place to perve on chicks.

In summary, shit like this isn’t cool. I wish guys would stop bein dicks to chicks, and have a fuckin shower for fucks sake!




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