Introvert. Always

This is me when I was about 25, 2005.mesmoke.jpg

Check out the long hair and face stickers. Oh lordy, was I a hippie back then.

It was New Years Eve, Kingaroy. Some friends were over, and one of our friends was celebrating a birthday. Lots of people were at my house, there could be some more photos somewhere. I had pretty much quick smoking pot by the time I was 19, but once every so often, I would partake in the odd scooby doob just for shits and giggles. Like that night. It looks like I’ve taken a massive drag and all the answers of the universe are being shown to me. Anyway, half an hour after I had a smoke of that, I grabbed a care bear and hung out by myself for the rest of the night. Not anti-social, I just like being by myself 😉


….I still like being by myself ♥


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