Propergating My Four Leaf Clover




Some of you may remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about the secret patch of four – leaf clovers I found in the threatened RAMSAR zone that the mayor and developers want to erect high rise concrete boring-ness, taking away the beauty of this natural land. In that post, I added pictures of my finds when I got home, with one photo depicting two of the clovers in a lil shot glass on my kitchen window-sill.

They sat there, obviously, for a couple of weeks, and throughout that time, I topped up their water a wee bit, and watched as a little white root started growing out of the bottom stem of one of them. The other passed away after turning brown, and it’s like, oh well, you win some, you lose some, but the other one kept powering on.

Today I thought, I’d pop this lil guy into an old terracotta pot my daughter had got from last years’ strawberry festival. They had free activities for kids, and one of them was painting a pot and getting a strawberry plant in them. You can guess how long that project lasted in the garden with a 7 year old. Not long. But the pot survived, and I was just about to head to the shops to buy one when I remembered it sitting in the garden. Bingo! No need to spend any more money than we have 🙂

We also live in the Redlands, South East Queensland, an area rich in red volcanic soil (From Mt Warning when it erupted thousands of years ago, it all spewed up and out all the way up here), some of the best soil for growing everything. This area is known for it’s farming back when the area was being settled. Anyway, I digress. I scooped up some of that yummy rich soil into the pot, popped little guy in, added a splash of water, and he is now back on the kitchen window sill, soaking up the sunshine, being protected from the elements, and being carefully watched by myself.

Tomorrow I’ll ad a drop of seasol, just to de-stress him and give him a boost. Hopefully see more growth in the next week or two, and I’ll be sure to update his progress with you.


©Starah 2016




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