Threatened RAMSAR zone has secret patch of four-leaf clovers.

The weather has been soooo very sweet lately for May, that we have been hitting the local parks and beaches and feeling the warm sunshine on our bodies. Yesterday was no different, so I packed us up in the car with the yellow smiley face ball and took off a few kilometers down the road.

We were playing piggy in the middle with smiley, then miss 7 went to play on the equipment provided, while her dad explored the ocean floor at low tide, finding random treasures and anomalies.

I hung onto smiley for awhile, and meandered about the park, taking some photos of the sun streaming through the Norfolk Pines.


I was on way to the sporting oval to kick the ball around with the others, when I spotted some clover daisies in a patch of clovers. I haven’t seen the flowers it felt like for a few years, and on a whim of thought: “I wonder if there are any four-leaf clovers there,” I knelt down and sure enough, within 10 seconds, I spotted my first four-leaf clover in this patch. 1

Just to clarify: this isn’t the first time I’ve found four-leaf clovers. Back a few years when I was living in the South Burnett area of Southern Queensland, I had a four-leaf clover patch growing in my front yard. And on our flight home last year from visiting family in North QLD, we flew through a rainbow coming into the Brisbane Airport, and a few days later, found some four – leaf’s in Woodford, QLD. I’m not sure if that’s uber lucky, but I kinda feel special.

As I took some pictures, I found a second four leaf clover..3

And shouted to the fam bam my discovery..2


And here they are at home.


I recently wrote about this area being a RAMSAR zone and how the current mayor wants to sell if off to a developer so she can line her pockets and destroy the environment at the same time. Those within the community who actually CARE about this historical and environmental area, are still fighting for this development to be stopped, you can read more about that here.

I think it’s stupid to develop an area so rich in history and wildlife, so abundant in natural prosperity, just to line to pockets of the already rich.


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