Agism is alive and kicking in Australia {{I’ve already written this article inside my head}}

I woke up at 5:30am, my daughter was in my bed, and I just caught the cold that she had. What the hell am I doing online at this hour? I can’t sleep. Little monsters are keeping me up like: I applied for ten jobs yesterday, and already have a reject letter. I mean, it’s not I live in a beautiful big house in the country, writing a blog about how fabulous my life is while my husband makes thousands of dollars a week, or look how clean I can get my cupboards, or write about my new vegan recipe like the millions of other Stay-At-Home mother bloggers.

No, we’re a little more ‘real’ here in Australia. Most of us are struggling, doing it tough. If not financially, then emotionally (Mental health issues.). If not, we’re sweeping it under the carpet, pretending it doesn’t exist. But it does. And it’s real, and it’s ugly.

My flatmate accidentally paid his rent to his old electricity account. So he paid double the rent he would normally. So he had no money to contribute to the household budget of food, internet and electricity. It’s mothers day tomorrow, and he planned on taking my daughter to the shops to buy me something cheap so she could give me something. Then he broke the washing machine. No guesses as to who’s going to be washing everyone’s clothes the old fashioned way, by hand. While I’m sick. On mothers day.

But why can’t you guys just get jobs? Hunni, if it was that simple, I wouldn’t be here writing this.

I’ve known my flatmate for several years, and his Autism Spectrum Disorder limits his employment capabilities, hence he receives the minimal amount of disability pension from the government, which basically amounted to the double rent he just forked out. He’s not totally incapable, he can do light household duties and cook for himself, which would be the minimum of any share-house situation.

Now onto me, I’ve been unemployed for two and a half years. The reason I stopped working in the first place, was because of my child’s school was adamant in a parent staying with their child in their first year of prep right up until 9am, and be there at 2:45pm to pick them up. This conflicted with my rostered hours, and technically I resigned, but my boss at the time, put me on the ‘call list’, ie: when someone was sick or hungover, call this person up from work first. That only lasted a few months until they stopped calling me in.

I’ve tried three times, in the last two years to get my old job back, but they don’t want to know me. It’s a combination of the new manager not liking the look of me, and I have a kid. She’s probably got kids herself, the judgemental ….

I got a interview with a major discount store that prides itself of crap customer service in their blue toned uniforms, but again, I was judged on my looks, I wore my glasses to the group interview, and had young males compete with me because they thought I was twenty years old. I never heard from the company. That store is connected to the biggest supermarket chain in Australia, and yesterday I applied for five jobs they had advertised, even so far as I would have to travel in my piece of shitbox car for an hour and a half to get there.

And now we come back to the beginning, I got a reject letter this morning from that same supermarket for one of their positions I applied for. Which reminded me of the time I busted my ass off writing a succinct and poignant selection criteria for a job at the local council in the customer service centre. I didn’t get that job either. I’ll let you know now, that when fully employed, my customer service skills sparkle. So to be rejected is kinda like, well why? A year later, someone tells me that they won’t hire women if they are still at ‘child-rearing’ age. I was 35 when I applied. Let’s not get into the fact that I am now infertile, for reasons I’m unaware. But I can’t have any more kids. I’ve tried, and several miscarriages later, I’ve chosen to give up. So to be rejected for a job because of my ‘child-bearing’ age is disgusting behavior from a government body. I am also told that the gay guy that was employed from that time is crap at his job. But that’s OK, cos he’s not going to have kids, is he, local government.

I haven’t finished ranting and raving and carrying on, but I’m sick and need to sleep, but I will mention that there are two reasons I’m not getting a job: one, is cos I look too young and employers think I have no experience, or two, they realise I’m too expensive to hire due to my age, and I might still have kids one day.

To continue, I will take it deeper. This morning whilst in bed, I was looking through my facebook when a ‘sponsored’ ad came into my news feed from a job network company advertising themselves to those unemployed 50 yrs + , with incentives from the government to pay the employer, whilst the older Australian was working for them. A plethora of the older unemployed people commented with their thoughts on the matter of Agism, and how it is rife in this country. Infact, most likely everywhere.

And let’s not forget my favorite “employment” agency, as featured here.



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