Doughy [[Part 6 > the part where Pat first makes an appearence.]]


“No, I haven’t. Why? Is everything OK?”

“Um, there was just this report on the radio saying that some people’s pets were attacked last night in the neighbourhood. SO just looking out for him.”

“Have you called him in for breakfast yet? You know how sometimes he’s a little late.”

“True. Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive.”

It’s OK, sweety.” And he grabbed the kitty kibble from its spot in the pantry on the bottom shelf, walked to the back door, and rattled it around a few times, calling out “Dumbledoor! Dumble-Door!” There was a meow heard and white fluff spotted as Dumbledoor slunked his way into the house. He curled up around Jed’s legs and got a scratch behind the ears before they both headed to the feeding area in the garage.

Back in the kitchen, Angela was visibly calmer after Dumbledoor was safe inside the house, and she continued making breakfasts and lunches for the girls whilst admitting to Jed that, yes, she was being a bit overly-sensitive. They hugged and Jed rustled the girls up for school, as Angela had to leave for work now, making sure they had their homework completed and packed, pig-tails in, and appropriate footwear shoed on their feet.

Jess looked at Jed and smirked when she said, “So, how’d you go with that bread, dad?”

Jed shot her a death ray-beam from his eyes, but knew she was only teasing and couldn’t help from smiling as he said, “Erm, not to well honey, as you will recall.”

“Oh, yeah. Did you find the loaves?” Milly looked up from her bowl of porridge and said, “What’s wrong with the yummy bread, daddy?”

He sighed, but figured it’s best to always be truthful with children, so said, “Oh, it had a wee bit of an accident last night, baby, and it kind of disappeared.”

Milly looked at her father strangely and said, “What do you mean, daddy? Cos I love your bread! I want some more.” Jed giggled and said “Oh, it kinda didn’t make it. Or more so, it made it’s way out of the oven, and disappeared. It’s gone sweety. I couldn’t find it.”

“Ohhhh,” Milly paused and looked at her dad sternly, “But you’ll make some more today while I’m at school, right?”

Jed laughed, “Maybe.”

He clapped his hands, “Right. Time for school, kiddos.” Finish your breaky’s, grab your bags and get in the car. He slipped on a pair of thongs, grabbed the keys for the Captiva and rounded the girls up into the car. On the way to the high school that Jess attened, he caught her texting one of her friends in the rear view mirror. “Phone, Jess,” He said, “Pass it here.”

“It’s just Pat,” She said in a whiny voice.

“Yeh, I know, but I don’t make the school rules, buddy. Leave it here in the car, or get it taken off you. Which is it?”

She rolled her eyes, but passed him her smart phone. “You’ll see him in a few minutes anyway,” he said by way of consolation. He grinned at her through the mirror and she went a bit pink in the face as he dropped her off at the school zone. Pat’s been her best friend since the 2nd grade, but they’ve been spending more time together lately. Word on the street was that they were an item, but Jed thought they were too young for that. Although, he mused while continuing onto the primary school where Milly went to drop her off, it would be sweet if they ended up like Angela and himself, childhood sweethearts, together forever.


© Starah 2016



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