Doughy [[Parts 4 & 5]]

Part 4

He wasn’t aware, as while he was tucked up in sheets and pillows, that the bread had well and truly risen up and out of the oven, or ‘grew little legs and walked,’ as his mum would say. This dough boy – like substance had joined itself with it’s bread brother, and together they combined cells to grow doughy arms, little legs, a stocky, spongy body, and globulos head. Eye-lids formed in the rising of the heated oven, a slit for a mouth grinned opened, and two little nostrils breathed out some warm air. A juvenile yeasty scream escaped his mouth when he opened those eyes, kind of soft, but grainy and wet, as he was, technically, a growing dough-boy. Consciousness occurred with Doughy shortly after, with niggly thoughts in it’s head like, “Need food. Must get out. Feed now,” along with the simple  urge to hunt, kill and feast.

He managed to lift himself out of his birth bed, with much effort and strength for dough-boy, pried open the gate of his entrapment, pushing forwards on it till it gave way, and out he jumped. A chill of air rushed towards him, and he almost jumped back in the oven, but as there was no source of food he had to move onwards, forever forward, in search of sustenance.

He stalked about the kitchen floor, around the island bench and found a small door within a large door, just the right size for him to squeeze through. It was the cat flap in the service door that lead off the kitchen, as used by Dumbledore, the long white haired ball of fluff that made it’s presence felt within the ….. family home. He stood with his back to it, unconsciously measuring himself to it. He was 2 centimetres shorter than the top hinges. Making a break for it, he shouldered out into the night and stood in the backyard, looking up at the stars in wonderment. But food was his mind, and his stomach grumbled for something the cosmos could not provide.






Part 5

Angela was on stock-take duty at work, and had to be up earlier than her usual morning routine. She wasn’t attentive of the goings on the night before, so blissfully unaware at sparrow-fart, she made coffee and flipped on the radio for some 70’s oldies to get her happy for the day ahead. KC and the Sunshine band were interrupted by a local bulletin, Angela paused when she heard the suburb that they resided in mentioned, had been the location of a grizzly attack on two families’ pets. A beagle and a yap yap dog. AS yet, the culprit had not been apprehended, but police are still searching for clues, and in the meantime, it advised residents to keep your animals safe at night until we give the all-clear.

How bizarre, she thought about Dumbledore and Lizzie their Labrador, and did a quick check on them to make sure they were safe. She went to the sliding door at the dining room that leads to the backyard, and called out for Lizzie. She came running up, wagging her tail her pack-leaders command. Big happy puppy smile, Angela bent down to cuddle her fur baby around her neck, and scruff it up a bit. “So glad your safe, baby,” She said as Jed walked blurry-eyed into the lounge, yawning loudly, saying, “Morning hunny.”

He continued talking as he poured himself a coffee, mentioning the most bizarre-est dream he’s had in a long while. Angela closed the door, and resumed her breakfast making, listening to her husband’s re-telling of said bizarre dream. “It was soo weird, you know how I was making bread last night, well in this dream, the dough that I put in the oven grew little arms and legs, rose up and jumped out of the oven and ran away.” He chuckled slightly, still groggy from just waking up, took a sip of coffee then asked if the girls were awake yet.

“Wow, that’s so weird,” said Angela, only half listening. “No the girls are still asleep, it’s only 5:30. Do you know where Dumbledore is?

…To be continued….. Here


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