Doughy [[Part3.]]


Part 3

After a few hours, I popped the doughy goodness into the oven. It was getting late, so I plopped on the couch and flicked the telly onto channel two. Spicks and Specks was on the repeats. Think it was that episode with….

Jed awoke to the wailing of the fire alarm above his head. Damn for putting the couch under it, he thought to himself. He grabbed some junk mail and swatted at the thing to turn it off, which it did after a 30 more seconds, just to make sure everyone knew it was screaming.

Jessica came running out in her bunny slippers and dressing down with easter eggs all over it, a left over from her youth. “Everything alright, dad?”

“Yeh. Yeh, go back to bed.” He shooed her away, but her nose was sniffing the air as she pushed her hair back out of the way. “Oh my God, is something burning?”

Dad dashed into the kitchen and saw the oven door wide open with trails of smoke pillowing out. Jess was straight in after him to survey the scene. They looked at each other. Jed gingerly turned the oven light on, being careful not to get burned, and squatted in front of it for a proper squidge. As the smoke flew out the oven, Jed could see two loaf tins filled with nothing. He turned back to Jessica, “There’s nothing there.”

“Was there supposed to be something there?,” she asked drily. He got up as he spoke, “Oh yes, sorry. The breads not there.” Jess decided not to be too caustic this time, but humored him with, “Do you want me to help you find them?” They both started laughing, as if the bread ‘Grew little legs and walked away,” as his mum would say.

“Oh hey, it’s late,” He said looking for a source of time measurement, like the microwave. “You should go back to bed.” She pecked him on the cheek, wished him a good sleep, and hopped down the hallway.

He swore he put bread in the oven. The time said 11:30pm. “whooo, time for sleep.” He switched the oven off, made sure anything flammable or electrical was safe and secured and headed off to bed.

© Starah99 2016

Parts Four & Five are Here

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