Doughy [[Part 2]]


“What a way to start the day,” 12 year old Jessica said, pouring fresh coffee from the pot into her cup after eating pancakes for breakfast. I had to agree with her on that. Most parents would freak out about the coffee thing, but she’s been her own person for quite a few years now, and it’s not like she’s drinking heaps of it. She likes to feel sophisticated, her grades are above average, has a great group of friends, being one of the most well -loved kids in her grade, does all her chores, and does what we ask of her. So really, who am I to stop her? Also, the pancakes were delicious, with all that tasty maple syrup. “You should open a bakery, daddy,” added Milly.

“Yeh, maybe,” I said ponderously, and I drifted off into dream-land, thinking about making more bread. I was revived out of my day dream by my wife kissing me on the head. “I’ll see you this arvo, honey.”

“Okay. Have a good day. Don’t let them mean customers bring you down.”

She winked at me and said, “Shan’t.”

The girls soon followed their mother out the door, walking to school.I did a load of washing, the dishes, threw dinner in the crock pot, paid some bills, went to the gym, and checked my emails. At 3:30, the girls came home and I helped them with some of their homework. Angie came in just before dinner, where Milly asked me if I had made some more bread. “Ohh, sorry sweety, I totally forgot. I’ll make some tonight, so we have some yummy bread in the morning. How’s that sound?” Her response was satisfactory, and after the girls were asleep, I headed into the kitchen.


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