Doughy [Part 1.]

Part One

The smell of hot, fresh baked bread wafted through the house on this sweet autumn afternoon. The sun was shining through the dappled leaves of trees in the backyard as I walked towards the door to greet my two children, Jessica and Mildred. Jessica with the jet black hair and Milly with blonde ringlets. Such differences, yet both beautiful in my heart.

“Ohhh, Daddy. You baked!” Milly said with all her 4 year old enthusiasm. Jessica was also excited, as she always was, they both loved when I cooked and baked for them. We walked into the kitchen, and I took out the fresh bread. We cut a few slices after it cooled, and let the butter melt in before devouring the goodness.

Later that night, after the girls were fed, watered and snuggled up for the night in bed, Angela came home after her shift from work. She walked through the door all bedraggled with extra-frizzy blonde curls, laden with grey plastic shopping bags that she swears she’ll return to the supermarket to recycle, dropped them on the kitchen bench, plopped on the couch and kicked her shoes off. “Want a cuppa honey, or dinner?’

“Just a cup of tea, sweetheart, I ate just before I left.” I flicked the switch on the kettle in the kitchen, and returned to the lounge. There I sat at her feet and started massaging them. Audible ohhhs and ahhs escaped her mouth, she said thanks, and I said, “Hard day?”

“Yeh so busy. Non-stop with this sale on!” She divulged all the tragedy of a retail sales assistant to me, the persistent mean, idiotic customers, bad management, compounded into a 12 hour sale day. “How are the girls?”

“They’re good, all in bed tucked up.”

“I should go give them a cuddle,” She said and made movement off the couch, padding quietly to their rooms.


I got two cups from the hooks under the shelving, put in the required tea ingredients, and mused awhile, leaning against the bench with feet and legs crossed in my jammies. “Gees, that bread was darn good,” was one of the thoughts that popped through my consciousness. I must make some more tomorrow, were the last thoughts as I drifted peacefully off to la-la land, as my girls so liked to call sleep.

© Starah99 4th April 2016


Part Two is here



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