The Jerkiest Jerk the ever Jerked.

I don’t know if you can tell, but there are some people in the world that I LOATHE , that should not be on this planet, breathing, taking up space on this precious planet, polluting it both metaphorically as well as physically. But hey, I can be entitled to a lil hate now and then 😉

A couple of years ago, I saw a sign sticky-taped to an electricity pole at G J Walter Park, saying that a development corporation wanted to take away this historical reserve of land and turn it into a concrete eyesore, to line the pockets of themselves and the local mayor of the Redlands [Currently named Redland City, I still call it the Redlands, cos I’m a bit of a history buff that knows her stuff 😉 ].

At the time, I was super busy, and yes I was slightly concerned, and did feel like doing something to help, but didn’t get around to it. Fast forward two years, and I am fighting tooth and nail to save this beautiful piece of nature from greedy developers who will pour concrete all over this RAMSAR wetland, and historical landmark, only to eventually sell it off, and grease his pockets further, and those greedy bureaucratic puppets that control the land.

What is G J Walter Park, and why is it so special? It’s the first place that Governor Sir George Gipps Landed in 1842, before declaring Brisbane the better seaport. Muddy waters made it so, after he disembarked in them upon landing at the site. Ce la ve, no? So, a small claim to Queensland’s history., and it has since been declared a reserve in 1889. On a more personal level, I was born in Brisbane, but grew up in the Redlands, and many a day was spent there, either with my fam bam, or on school excursions (Due to it’s historical significance.). My family moved to the Gold Coast when I was 12, but I was in love with my childhood home so much, I moved back to Cleveland when I was 32, and would walk down to this specific park frequently. From an older perspective, I could feel the change of air when standing on the beach, looking inland up towards the sky through the majestic Pines with the setting sun streaming through. Geographically speaking, it was an area of land and ocean that created an ethereal feeling due to all the negative ions generated.

And just in case you missed it, Cleveland is in Moreton Bay, which is a RAMSAR site, listed in 1993 to protect the wetlands on a international scale. You know, like a big sign saying, “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH THIS PLACE.” Like, are these people (Developer and Councillors.) really stupid? Nah, they are deadset, certifiable psychopaths intent on ruining life for everyone and everything, literally steam-rolling humanity and the environment, to get their own way. I do believe they are lacking a certain element in their brain that makes them do this, let me double check that here.

There’s been quite a few articles written about the PDA , the dodgy mayor and dodgier corporation . Then again, I might just be venting, ranting and raving, but I can’t help but see through all the bullshit they are spewing on the public….I’ll let you decide. I’m out Xx Sarah A.




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