It scares me to think that people actually believe any form of food from maccas is healthy.


I accidently got roped into doing an online survey with a major American aggrevated research company that mainly gathers data for advertisers and brands and marketing companies. You know, the evil motherfucking scums of the Earth. My personal opinion asside, I came across this section on the survey about my junk food eating habbits (Which are predominately null and void.) To assume everyone ate that shite is an oversite, and shows the majority of the company’s income.

It scares me to think there are people in this world that think maccas is healthy for you, especially if you pick from the ‘healthy choices’ menu. Stop. Let me put on my bullshit-detecting face and go, ‘Ugh. Seriously? Who buys into this crap?’ Cos if you are reading this and think that, we are all dooooooooomed.


To top it off, I spent several hours of my sunday on this shitty survey, and promised $20 at the end of it – that was a big lie too, to get me to take the survey. I’m kinda glad I wasn’t serious in half the questions 😉


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