Rant, Rave//lack of feelings about feelings that feel extroverted!

Errhhh How I feeeeeel right now when I don’t have feelings about myself/or I know how I feel so much, that I got over myself and wanted to understand others. And yet my Fe (Feelings extroverted- I pick up on other people’s feelings) NEVER stops working and yes, I know this is a rambling mess unstructed but I don’t really give a fuck right now.


My mum is having little tantys and it’s hard to deal with/I’m not being baited by her. I know this sounds harsh to say about my mum, but if you understood our past, you might have an inkling of why I’ve detached myself. To the point of asking me what the matter was: and I said nothing, I’ve got a headache when I didn’t take her bait. Some people make drama for themselves and try to drag others’ into it (Not specifically my mum, I’m talking in a broader sense.)

The ISTJ I know comes at me today saying I antagonise him (My eyes are rolling internally and thinking what a load of shit), and because I really don’t give a fuck, lack of emotions, I ask could you give me an example, and he says he can’t remember to which I reply, well come back to me when you have something more concrete(and I’m half laughing and trying not to cry at the same, but on the inside I feel dead towards the situation). And because my reaction towards him most of the time is (In his words): “I knew you’d do/say that”, and he is at a loss cos I already know what’s happening and it confuses him. Yes, my intuition is a dash more advanced then others, and if you can’t keep up, who’s fault is that?

Or in the 13 years he’s known me







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