Why The Intuitives Knew About David Bowie’s Departure Via The Collective Consciousness. (Or Why All The Intuitives’ Listened To Bowie Before BlackStar Was Released.)

It’s no secret I’m an intuitive,

though I would not claim being psychic as it’s not always the funnest thing to experience. But sometimes, some things happen that are so weird and spooky, that I have to sit back, and live in these vibrations surrounding me, to try figure out what’s going on.

It was the 1st of January that this began, I got David Bowie’s Starman stuck in my head and had to listen to it. So I jumped on you tube, and happily listened to it, Ziggy Stardust, Rebel rebel, et, etc. Over and over, repeatedly, like any other music-loving nutter would. Made a Facebook Post on my Starah page about it. You know, just casually, hey I’m listenin to Bowie , love heart emoticon, stars, headfones.

I’m pretty sure I watched Labyrinth a few times when I was a kid, maybe once or twice when I was older. And yes, I enjoyed it. I mean the girl’s name is Sarah (Which means Princess) with long dark hair (I had long dark hair since I was 12 until I cut if off in my late 20’s), how could I not be fascinated? I didn’t really know who Bowie was, my parents never listened to the radio, us kids had to find it all by ourselves. I found Bowie musically when I was 13, listening to JJJ at 4am “Space Oddity” was the first real song I’ve heard. And then Nirvana did a cover of Man Who Sold The World. Ever since, I have had much reverence and love for the guy.

Back to the present, the next day, I’m still playing the same songs over over and over, whilst following his life through the deep rabbit hole. I don’t think I went deep enough. Although, I did start following his son on twitter for some rando reason. Then my daughters’ father starts walking around the house saying he’s hearing Bowie from all the rooms; me, the kitchen radio and the TV. I piked up and said, “Yeh he’s just put out a new album or something’ (I don’t speak eloquently in Real Life at all; Straya slang till I die.), obviously on the same day as his birthday.
I looked at the Video for Black Star video, with You Tube led me to a conspiracy christian nutter about blackstar is in reference to niburu, etc,etc and now I quote from my own post on Vigilant Citizen, “I had a laugh, I haven’t been into witchcraft since I was a teen.” I don’t shock easy. But the symbolism is interesting, even if I don’t do any crafty crafty stuff much anymore.
An yet, I’m still playing his music on repeat, and watching his music, wondering to myself, why he slipped through the cracks. What I mean is, why wasn’t he in ‘Club 27’? He’s a old rocker, still rocker. I wish I didn’t have that thought, cos the next day, he passed away, and All my rabbit-holing never lead me to know he had cancer for the previous 18 months.

This is where it all gets spooky, and I still could not stop playing his music! Everytime I’d go to play one of his songs, Double J on the TV radio station would play the exact song a few seconds later. My heart is an exploding volcano of emo for this man, and I’m still picking up psychic vibrations from the universe :/ They call it synchronicity (A phrase coined by Jung, “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related (Wikipedia) ) when it happens. And what actually happened with me, is I picked up on the collective consciousness of the world that David Bowie and his family were talking about. Yet not making anything public.
Sometimes it happens with psychics. But I’m not psychic.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, and stop being egocentric Xx

I’m so very sorry he has passed away, and I send many condolences to his family.

Starah 99


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