Rising Sun

I awake late one morning, as the sound of flapping wings fell thru my window. I pulled aisde the curtains and saw a larger – than – average swallow fly from my window sill to a branch of a nearby tree.
The bird started singing, and the words came to me like this:
I wish upon a star tonite,
What I wish for, I don’t know,
Only that I love you so,
Like the first Star shining Bright.

I thanked the bird for the song, and went on my way.
In the afternoon of the same day, my friend and I were sitting on my bed, talking and mucking around. While he waS talking to me I heard the flapping of wings. I put my finger to my lips for my friend to be silent and I motioned for him to come towards the window.
We saw the same bird that I had seen earlier on my window sill, who flew again onto a branch and start to sing his little song. We both heard these words in the birds’ song:
Fly to heaven, my love
Come with me and you will see
that we can all be free
And know the true meaning of Love.
I thanked the bird for the song, as did my friend, and went on our own way.



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