Sitting in my backyard, on a gorgeous sun-filled afternoon. I am reading “Jude the Obscure.” Jude is obscure to find in my local library. It took three months for them to find it. While reading, I am interrupted by the playing of my dog, with his happy face and clown antics. “I love you,” I say to him. He comes over to me and gives me a kiss.
And than my lover comes over. She walked thru the open front door of my house, than out the back she walks towards me. “You feeling obscure today?” she asks and she hands me a folded piece of paper, than runs off to play with my dog. I read what she has written:


Without It
I’ve had you for ages
And now its time for
Us to meet again
In the silken rain

I can see us,
Under mushroom skies
Talking of tomorrow;
Talking of forever
In tall green trees
In green trees

Sighing, singing songs
Freedom within our hearts
Is what we sing for

I wrote you a letter
Now you wear it
Sewed to your heart
A single letter
A single heart
Forever yours
Forever mine

And the parting clouds
Show little sequin stars,
Sewed to the sky
Every one of them, a story
in time

Rainbow-coloured lights
Are in my green tree for you
Can you look at them
And see stars?
Can you look at them and feel smiles?

I can’t help it, I smile. I love the poetry she writes, especially when it’s for me. I look over to her and blow her a kiss. She catches it in her hand and holds it to her heart, than continues to play with my dog.



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