Fuck the government

I was walking back from the 7-11 at around 6pm in the month of April, when I noticed that this girl was walking behind me with her dog. It was just coming onto dusk, so I was surprised that she could even see me, as I walk all in dark clothing.
And she was following me! I couldn’t believe it. First I saw her at the sports fields, where I cut – thru, and she looked kinda punky. I didn’t see her for awhile, than, as I was walking up River Road, I turned around, and there she was again, trying to move her dog along from another fenced-in barking canine of some sort.
I crossed over into the park. I thought I was safe. She’s still behind me! I quicken my pace. Night is falling. I hear a voice – ‘Hi! Excuse me, -‘ in my head. Damn voices! I thought I was over that. I hear the voice speak again – ‘Hello?’ – I spin around in frustration, trying to swat away invisible people with my hands, when I realise – the voice is real.
It was the girl. I look at her menacingly. She stares at me for a few seconds. Than she is pulled forward by her dog, I think, who wants to sniff me. But it wasn’t her dog. It was me. I had dropped my bag and I grabbed her shoulders, pulling her towards me. And…and, I kissed her!
Years passed. Voices from alien worlds spun around my head. Along with the images. Long, multi-coloured tentacles swirled out towards the intricacies of my mind. I screamed. Aloud, I screamed. I remember letting go of the girl. My hands shook. My head shakes from side 2 side, my mouth wobbling. My throat made strange gurgling noises. I raised my head to the sky and screamed, “FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!! ..the government… the government!..  ”




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