Fuck the government

I was walking back from the 7-11 at around 6pm in the month of April, when I noticed that this girl was walking behind me with her dog. It was just coming onto dusk, so I was surprised that she could even see me, as I walk all in dark clothing. And she was following … Continue reading Fuck the government

Cresent Moon

"I walked into the club on 59th. Back then it was called, B Vibes. No one knew what the 'B' stood for, but I did." The young man paused in his retelling of times gone by to take a sip of bourbon. I looked at how his hand shook as he picked up the glass; … Continue reading Cresent Moon

My three friends and I are at the beach today. Its a ritual with us. Everyday we're there. Swimming. Sunbaking, talking. The four of us - I know we all feel a special connection to the ocean. One thats been shared since we were fourteen years old. Four years of friendship and not one boring … Continue reading

There are grey clouds that cover the entire sky on this dark day. Everything I know is dead. On days like this, the beach consoles me. The stormy sea reflects my soul. I stand at the waters and I scream at the waves, "Why!" As rainbow memories permeate my mind. Those days are gone, and … Continue reading